Life may be a cabaret to some, but it’s one hell of a good party to Mark Widmann. His business: the Randall Gallery, an art gallery and party place. His home? One and a half acres in South St. Louis overlooking the Mississippi, a contemporary house designed to hold many, many people. This is not just a place to hang your hat, it’s a place to entertain.

  • Three professional kitchens.
  • A commercial dishwasher that takes 90 seconds to do a load, several commercial refrigerators, six-burner stove, three ovens and a baking station with ice drawers under the marble slab for cooling.
  • A fourth satellite kitchen on the second floor.
  • Two pass-throughs from the main kitchen to the butler’s pantry so caterers can refill diminishing supplies on the buffet line.
  • One dining room for 12 and a second dining room that accommodates 60.
  • A “swim spa”—one side a hot tub, the other 4 feet deep. It can accommodate 40, sitting and standing. Recessed coolers (and hideaway trash bins) are within arm’s reach on both sides.
  • Twelve dining room chairs, each monogrammed with a single word from the quote: “If you can’t say anything nice about someone, sit next to me.
  • “Hotel Widmann” monogrammed towels and robes for guests.
  • A state-of-the-art audio-visual system with speakers facing the driveway, throughout the house, on the deck, even the river bluffs.
  • No carpets. Furniture that can be moved around to make room for dancing feet. In the lower-level living room the couch is all sectionals.
  • Built to withstand a lot of weight with no deflection or vibration. “I designed [the house] with a commercial weight load.”